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Sage Carrington author, Justin Scott Parr

Sage Carrington author, Justin Scott Parr

At 14 years old, Justin Scott Parr ventured with his middle-school class to Washington, D.C., where the capital city’s monuments, museums, and rich history sparked his desire to explore the world.

Eighteen years later, Justin embarked on a journey to fulfill a lifelong goal that most people only dream of. After quitting his job with a Fortune 500 company, he grabbed his passport and spent the next six months backpacking across 11 Latin-American countries.

Justin chronicled his voyage through photos and a travel blog. And upon returning home, he shared tales of magnificent adventures with his 9-year-old cousin.  The fourth grader was enthralled with his vivid stories. Her curiosity about the cultural, historical, and educational aspects of Justin’s trip—and her countless “what-ifs”—ultimately led to the creation of the best-selling book series featuring 12-year-old Sage Carrington.

An adventurer at heart, Justin imparts his love of “the journey” into every Sage Carrington tale. He currently lives in New York.

You can learn more at JustinScottParr.com.


Justin is featured in the spring 2013 issue of Black Enterprise magazine.

Justin Scott Parr featured in spring 2013 issue of Black Enterprise magazine


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My first international adventure was to Africa, the Nile Valley of Egypt. That voyage changed my life by awakening a deep historical curiosity. Since then, I’ve accumulated wisdom from myriad travel experiences, and I want to help kids learn about various cultures and vibrant locales that make our world such an incredible place. -Justin Scott Parr