Be Prepared

Ready for 'the big one'

Ready for ‘the big one’

Tornado, hurricane, earthquake, alien invasion—who really knows when the big one will hit?

So I always keep my red backpack nearby just in case. It’s full of supplies like matches, ponchos, batteries, flashlights, dehydrated food, and first-aid supplies.

My backpack even inflates into a buoy for water rescue!

Today, I skated down to Logan Circle Park for my weekly kit test. When the lights go out, it’s important that all my supplies are in tip-top shape, so I regularly check each one.

The way I’ve calculated it, my ‘End of the World Kit’ will keep Sage and me safe for 14 days. And if we’re not rescued after those two weeks? Well, I’ve thought of that, too.

My kit has a compact fishing pole and some aluminum foil so at least we can catch and cook fish from the Potomac. It’s not ideal, I know, but when those brain-sucking aliens are in hot pursuit, we can’t afford to be picky.

Overall, I’d say we’re ready for the big one. Sage wants to add a baseball glove and apple juice, but that stuff’s heavy! Hmmm, maybe we should get a second bag: ‘End of the World Kit #2′.

What about you? Are you prepared in case of an emergency?


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