Believe in Yourself

Me tossing a fastball right down the middle

Me tossing a fastball right down the middle

My favorite place in the whole world is the middle of a pitcher’s mound. When I’m holding the baseball in my hand and staring at the batter, I feel so alive. The next pitch could be a ball or a strike. It could be a swing-and-miss or (I hope not!) a base hit. But no matter what happens, my teammates are in the field backing me up.

Some people (like that bully Edwin) say that I shouldn’t play baseball, considering that I’m a girl and all. They say I should find another sport, or get off the field altogether. But I don’t care what they think.

Isabel says that I’m as good as any boy in the league. She’s my friend, and I believe her.

Besides, I did earn the MVP award last season with my team, the Baseball Posse. I was also selected to be a pitcher on the city’s all-star team. Not bad, huh?

So I won’t worry about what negative people say. My family and friends encourage me to believe in myself, and my love for this game keeps me returning to that mound each and every day.


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