Recognize Majestic Builders

Recognize History’s Great Builders

I’m standing on a seaside cliff overlooking Tulum, an ancient city located on the Yucatan Peninsula (the part of southeastern Mexico that juts into the Gulf). The Maya built Tulum around the year 1200, and they lived here for a couple of hundred years until the Spanish arrived. Tulum was actually one of the last […]

Share Your Heart

Sage with her Book of Love

I spent my whole afternoon inside the National Botanical Garden. It’s one of my favorite places in all of Washington, especially when I want to relax and write a note to Isabel. A lot of people say Izzy and I are best friends. But we’re really more like hermanas—that’s “sisters” in Spanish. Izzy’s family is […]

Find Your Favorite Place

Find Your Favorite Place

Isabel and I just can’t seem to stay away from the National Mall. Whether we’re visiting the Smithsonian Castle, the Capitol Building, or skating to the White House, this greenspace in the middle of Washington, D.C. is one of our absolutely-positively favorite places. Today, we decided to visit the Lincoln Memorial. It’s a really cool […]