Aim for the Stars

Sage explores the night sky

It’s such a beautiful evening. Just look at all the stars! I’m in Constitution Gardens with my telescope for a nighttime adventure. This park is great because I have a clear view of the whole sky. Last week, I watched Venus and before that, I got up close and personal with Mars. Those are the […]

See What Floats


I hung out at the Reflecting Pool yesterday with our team’s shortstop, Vanae. She showed Isabel, Benji, and me the most amazing thing! You see, her dad is a Navy officer, and Vanae has always loved to build model ships and remote-controlled boats. Well yesterday Vanae taught us all about buoyancy, which is the force that […]

Seek Inspiration All Around

Sage Carrington at the National Zoo Aviary

I rode down Connecticut Avenue to the National Zoo this morning. With over 2,000 animals, the zoo is one of my favorite places in all of Washington. So far today I’ve seen the giraffes, lions, zebras…oh, and the giant pandas were soooo cute! Then walked over to the aviary—that’s where the birds are. Aside from […]