Sleep Under the Stars

Sage and Isabel Setup Camp in a Backyard Tent

The backyard campout is a great way to spend time with close friends. Sage and Isabel are pitching a tent in the Flores’s backyard for a night of simple, safe fun. Each year, millions of kids travel with their families to local campgrounds. Snoozing under the stars is an amazing experience; however, sometimes it’s difficult […]

Study Nature’s Wonders

Study Nature's Wonders

In nature, you’re never alone. At any given time, our outdoor spaces are full of lively creatures. Whether in the backyard, at a local park, or in front of the United States Capitol Building, nature has plenty of surprises for you to enjoy. Watch the Birds One of the many reasons why bird watching is fun […]

Express Your Creativity

express your creativity

It’s important to find ways to explore your artistic sides. Draw. Paint. Sing. Dance. Do whatever you want. Just make sure to feed your creativity as often as possible.   Sage recently spent an afternoon in Dupont Circle with her watercolor paint set. As always, she had a fantastic time. Adults sometimes forget that life isn’t all […]