Celebrate Your Heroes

sage-carrington-isabel-casa-azul-550Last week, when I found out Isabel and I were joining our parents on this trip to Mexico, the first thought that crossed my mind was Frida Kahlo. That’s because Izzy and I love her. And while it’s true that we never knew Frida—she died in the 1950s (waaaay before we were born)—we have always respected Frida’s strength, courage, and determination.

And so, today we’re at Casa Azul, which means “Blue House” in Spanish. This is where Frida lived with her husband Diego Rivera who was also a famous painter in Mexico. The cool thing is this house is now a national museum! Yep, it’s called Museo Frida Kahlo. And you know what else? You too can visit and learn all about Frida and Diego. The museum has collections of their personal letters, artwork, clothing, and even the bed they slept in!

Frida’s spirit is still here. I can feel it. And if you can hear me, Frida, I want you to know there are a couple of twelve-year-old girls from Washington, DC who absolutely adore you.


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