Cultivate a Garden

Most people associate backyards with barbecues and family sports. But each year, millions of kids escape the house to spend time in the garden, too.

Sage harvesting vegetables in her garden at home

Sage is learning that growing a garden at home takes time, energy, and attention to detail.

To determine if growing a garden is a good activity for you, consider these facts:

Enjoy Nature’s Variety
You can select from thousands of plants, flowers, and vegetables. Plant and flower gardens are often chosen for their beauty, while vegetable gardens are a great way to save money on food. If you can successfully grow potatoes, carrots, or tomatoes, then your family could enjoy them as a tasty treat or part of a meal.

Secrets of the Soil
Although gardening requires regular attention, most people find the activity very relaxing. Just take your time, and tend to the plants at your own pace.

Our ancestors depended upon knowledge of agriculture to feed entire communities; while gardening, you may also discover a special connection to those who came before us.

Cultivate Life
In addition to beauty and relaxation, a garden is your own creation. If you’re able to grow the various plants and flowers, then you’ll be proud of yourself for investing the necessary time and attention to see the project through to completion.

In life, we reap what we sow. Nowhere is this universal principle more evident than in a garden, where you may just find the perfect place to spend your free time.


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