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isabel-flores-frida-kahlo-550I had the most interesting dream last night. While we were traveling from Playa del Carmen to Mexico City on an overnight bus, I dreamt that I was Frida Kahlo…and it was amazing.

Sage says I have a very active imagination, and I suppose she’s right. But my dream just felt so real. I was decked out in a traditional Tehuana outfit with the floral headpiece, square-cut blouse, and a hand-stitched skirt. Plus I was wearing the most amazing jewelry…this series of elegant pearl necklaces, skeleton earrings, and a gold wedding ring.

In my dream, I remember looking into a small mirror and seeing a single long eyebrow stretched across my face—plus I was holding this miniature stuffed monkey which I’ve seen in lots of Frida’s paintings. So I’m positive I was her!

The truth is, I look up to Frida as a thinker, leader, and artist. And even though she worked with paint, I still feel like I’ve learned tons about photography by studying her life. After all, we both create with light, shadow, texture, and composition.

Hey, I’m curious…have you ever dreamt that you were someone else?


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