Make Time for Friends

Sage and Isabel Hugging in Front of the Smithsonian Building

Isabel and I had a great time visiting the Smithsonian Castle.

We listened to jazz music, examined a scale model of the federal city, and totally LOVED the “Knowledge Begins in Wonder” exhibit. My favorite parts were the painted birds on the ceiling (I’m so ready to fly), and Isabel liked the huge triangular fish tank against the wall.

While we were there, lots of people commented on our sneakers…well really about our shoe-shop swap. (That’s what our moms call it anyway).

You see, when our parents buy shoes, I always swap one of mine with one of Isabel’s. (Mrs. Flores says we’d better enjoy it while our feet remain the same size!) And so Izzy wears one of my blue shoes, and I wear one of her pink.

That way we match…in a mismatch sort of way. It’s our bestie style. Don’t you just love it?


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