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Enjoying a Good Book on a Summer Afternoon

Enjoying a great book on a summer afternoon

Even though it’s summer vacation, a lot of my friends like to stay inside all day. They watch television and play video games from sun up to sun down.

But not me.

I can’t stay cooped in the house. There’s just too much to see and do outside. Every day, I ride Celeste all over the city to visit memorials and to hang out with Izzy. (She doesn’t like to be inside all day either).

But when I just want to relax for some alone time, I usually grab a book and head to a local park like the Ellipse on the National Mall.

I’ll bring a sandwich and water and camp out for an afternoon under a giant oak tree. Its huge branches block the sunlight, so I stay nice and cool. Plus, I can feel the afternoon breeze against my face and hear birds chirping all around. So relaxing!

Sometimes, I’ll even put my book down and examine the ground around me. If I look close enough, then I can find ants, worms, and spiders scurrying around. Do you know what my favorite insect is? I absolutely love the praying mantis.

Oh, and this one time I even saw a walking stick! He was long and brown and totally blended in with the tree bark. You know, nature is really cool.

So tell me…What are you favorite things to do outside?



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