Reading Groups

Sage Carrington author Justin Scott Parr is available to speak with your reading group. Mr. Parr schedules a limited number of Skype calls, and preference is given to groups who are reading his most recent title.

This is your opportunity to ask Sage’s author any questions you want:

  • What’s it like to be an author?
  • Which characters in the novel are real?
  • What motivated you to write this story?
  • How long does it take to publish a book?
  • If this story were a movie, who do you envision playing Sage?
  • What’s the significance of Sage’s winged-heart logo?

All requests to speak with with Mr. Parr should be made through the contact form.

Skype Guidelines

  • All calls will be scheduled between 12pm and 8pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • You’ll be asked to provide a choice of dates and times. The more dates you can provide, the easier it will be for the publisher to to schedule a call. The time you request should be after your group begins meeting so you have time to settle in first.
  • Reading groups are not limited to those in the United States. As long as the call can be scheduled between the hours listed above, Mr. Parr is available to speak with international book clubs as well.

What Happens After You Make the Request?
The publisher will make arrangements with Mr. Parr to schedule a call. Depending on the author’s schedule, this usually takes a a few days. Through subsequent email conversations with your group, a date and time will be determined. After joining the call, Mr. Parr will be available for approximately 30 minutes to answer any questions about Sage Carrington, authorship, and the publishing industry.

All requests to speak with with Mr. Parr should be made through the contact form.