Recognize Majestic Builders

sage-carrington-tulum-mexico-550I’m standing on a seaside cliff overlooking Tulum, an ancient city located on the Yucatan Peninsula (the part of southeastern Mexico that juts into the Gulf).

The Maya built Tulum around the year 1200, and they lived here for a couple of hundred years until the Spanish arrived. Tulum was actually one of the last cities ever built by the Maya.

I just can’t decide what to focus on…these incredible stone ruins on my right…or that clear blue ocean to my left. And it appears that I also have a little friend on the ground who wants my attention. I’ve never seen so many iguanas in one place, and they’re super cute!

Oh, and do you see the building behind me on the hill? That’s the Temple of the Wind, and it was an important weather alarm for the Maya people. They constructed the building so that when strong winds blew through it, a whistling sound filled the entire city. That means this temple is one of the first hurricane warning systems in recorded history.

The Maya must have been master engineers, meteorologists, architects, and mathematicians. How else could they have built such an amazing weather tool?


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