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Sage Finds a Turtle Near the Jefferson Memorial

I was on my way to the Jefferson Memorial, and I saw this brown rock crawling across the ground near the Tidal Basin. So I stepped closer for a better look and discovered it wasn’t a rock at all. It was a turtle!

He was probably searching for a cool place to relax because it’s been really hot this summer. I picked him up for a closer look, and he seems like a friendly reptile. His legs are all wrinkled, and he has a horny ridge on his nose. But he’s still super cute.

I decided to name him Squares because his shell has these perfect orange and brown shapes all over. I wish I could bring Squares home, but I know my mom won’t let me keep him. Not with the ant farm and hamsters and all.

Oh well…

I can’t wait to tell Izzy what happened on my way to the memorial!


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