Benjamin Carter Woodson

Benjamin Woodson enjoys a sunny day in D.C.
Age: 11
Hometown: Washington, D.C., USA
Favorite word: Propulsion


  • Music: plays the violin
  • Art: creates illustrations by hand using pencils, pens, and charcoal
  • Science & Engineering: calculating speeds and distances; researching air, space, and ground travel

Benjamin, or Benji as his friends call him, often hangs out with Sage and Isabel. The girls are one year older, but all of their parents work on the same research team so Sage, Isabel, and Benjamin spend lots of time together.

Benjamin is a violin prodigy; he’s gifted with amazing talent for music. Benji first picked up the instrument when he was 3 years old, and he’s been sharing his talents with friends and family ever since.

Along with music, Benjamin also plays right field for the Baseball Posse. He’s made a few errors and hasn’t gotten a hit all season, but Sage and his other teammates continue to encourage him. They realize that Benji could someday make a big play for their little league team.

While Isabel adores her inline skates and Sage zooms around on a bicycle, Benji’s preferred mode of transportation is his skateboard. He loves to carve the city’s steps, rails, and traffic-free pavement.