Nefertari Sage Carrington

Sage Carrington at the Reflecting Pool
Age: 12
Hometown: Washington, D.C., USA
Best friend: Isabel Flores
Favorite English word: Love
Favorite Spanish word: Mariposa


  • Learning Spanish from her bestie Isabel
  • Science & Engineering: model rockets, household experiments, observing the natural world
  • Sports: Star pitcher on the baseball team
  • Fashion: Vivid, playful wardrobe, jewelry, and accessories (designed by Isabel)

When she’s not on the ball field or peering through a microscope, Sage is usually on her bicycle cruising around Washington, DC. Her best friend Isabel is rarely far away, and the girls are often accompanied by their 11-year-old buddy, Benjamin.

Sage’s dream is to fly. More specifically, she wants to venture into space with Isabel on missions to the moon, Mars, and destinations beyond. She studies rockets, airplanes, butterflies, birds and anything else that takes flight. Sage understands how important it is to accumulate knowledge so that she’ll be prepared when her opportunity arrives.

Whether solving a local mystery, testing a new science experiment, or simply wandering around nature, Sage makes sure to respect others, value her friendships, and to find beauty all around.