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Sage with her Book of Love

I spent my whole afternoon inside the National Botanical Garden. It’s one of my favorite places in all of Washington, especially when I want to relax and write a note to Isabel.

A lot of people say Izzy and I are best friends. But we’re really more like hermanas—that’s “sisters” in Spanish. Izzy’s family is originally from Mexico, so she teaches me all kinds of new words en español.

The Book of Love (or Libro del Amor) belongs to both of us. I’ll take the book home one night and write a note to Izzy, and then I’ll give it to her the next day at school so she can take it home and do the same thing.

This book stays with one of us at all times.

We write each other jokes, keep track of our science experiments, and share secrets in these pages. Oh, and whenever we take a picture together, we always print a copy and glue it inside.

You know, some people (like that meany Edwin) think our book is dumb. But we don’t care. Isabel’s my best friend, and we adore our Book of Love.


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The girls discovered an old treasure map near the Washington Monument, and they don't know exactly what it means.

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