Sleep Under the Stars

The backyard campout is a great way to spend time with close friends. Sage and Isabel are pitching a tent in the Flores’s backyard for a night of simple, safe fun.

Each year, millions of kids travel with their families to local campgrounds. Snoozing under the stars is an amazing experience; however, sometimes it’s difficult or impossible to go camping, and you may want to consider pitching a tent closer to home. Toss in a good friend or two, and you may also discover that backyard camping is the perfect activity.

Isabel and Sage pitch a tent in the Flores’s backyard for a night of fun.

Isabel and Sage pitch a tent in the Flores’s backyard for a night of fun.

Although sleeping in your backyard may not seem glamorous, it can be an exciting adventure.  In fact, it’s an activity that thousands of kids enjoy each year.

Keep It Simple
One reason why backyard camping is so popular is because it’s easy. No need stressing about loading a car, traveling to a campsite, and exploring foreign territory. Best of all, if you forgot to pack those lucky socks, it’s no problem. Just dash into the house and grab them!

Safe & Sound
Another reason why backyard camping is popular is the level of safety.  When camping on public grounds, you’re usually unfamiliar with the surroundings, animals, and other campers.  And in today’s society, this can present many hazards to kids.  But staying closer to home almost eliminates these risks. Not only do you know the area, but you also know who or what should be in your neighborhood.

Friendly Fun
When planning the event, be sure to consider backyard toys, food, drinks, and snacks. The objective here is to have an enjoyable experience for all involved. In fact, try to prepare for your backyard campout so that you have everything you need. See if you can plan the night so well that you never have to go inside your home. Even though you’re in the backyard, avoiding home as much as possible is a great way to make the most of this exciting adventure.


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