Spread Your Wings

Ready to Fly

Balanced and Ready to Fly

I’m so ready to fly. In fact, last night I had this vivid dream which I haven’t told anyone about yet—not even Isabel. So I’ll share the details in these pages first.

The dream was amazing. I was in the middle of a beautiful desert, and I felt the warm sunlight on my skin. My arms had golden wings attached, and my hair was styled in these magnificent braids.

Now that I think about it, my whole body was prepared for takeoff. I felt this wonderful confidence inside, like I had the ability to fly.

My dad always tells me about the Ancient Egyptians’ understanding of Ma’at, which is the idea of living every moment in harmony and balance. The Ancient Egyptians often depicted Ma’at as a winged woman with a feather on top of her head. And guess what? I had a feather on my head, too!

And even though I’m awake now, I can still remember the feeling. My body was calm. My mind was free. Wait a sec…I was living Ma’at!

I can’t wait to tell Izzy. Oh, and I’m also going to ask if she thinks our dreams are connected to reality. Maybe it all means something. What do you think?


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