Study Nature’s Wonders

In nature, you’re never alone. At any given time, our outdoor spaces are full of lively creatures. Whether in the backyard, at a local park, or in front of the United States Capitol Building, nature has plenty of surprises for you to enjoy.

Sage and Her Butterfly Net in Front of the U.S. Capitol Building

Sage and Her Butterfly Net in Front of the U.S. Capitol Building

Watch the Birds
One of the many reasons why bird watching is fun is because of the endless variety of birds that flutter across the sky at any given moment. To maximize your bird-watching experience, consider carrying a notebook, and a camera. That way you can document the different sizes and colors that you observe. You may even think about a bird-watching book with photos of the different species for you to reference.

Befriend the Bugs
The natural world is overflowing with different bugs and insects. As with bird watching, you may also want to study some of these creatures. The great thing about bugs is that you don’t just have to look at them. Many insects can live in small containers that you can keep on a shelf or table in your bedroom (just make sure it’s okay with your parents first).

Pay Attention to Plants
Even though birds and bugs are the obvious attractions, remember that plants and flowers are also alive. Find a local park, and you should be able to find countless different plants and flowers.  As with birds and bugs, you can also find resource guides that cover common plants. A fun activity is to compare plants and flowers in your community to the images in the books.

There’s a reason why we call nature the “great” outdoors. Most people don’t consider the awesomeness of all the plants, flowers, bugs, and birds that we interact with daily. But with time and attention, you’re sure to be impressed with the endless beauty. So grab that camera and notebook, get outside, and observe all that nature has to offer.


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