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Teaching my bestie Sage how to skate

Teaching my bestie Sage how to skate

Sage and I skated down 16th Street to the White House, which is where the president’s family lives.

It was kind of a bumpy ride because we were on our inline skates, and I’m still teaching Sage how to stay on her feet.

But we finally arrived!

Sage says all of my dance training helps me to stay on my skates, and that’s probably true. I’ve been working on my posture, balance, and agility since I was 4 years old…lots of practice staying on my toes.

But now that I think about it, Sage has also been practicing for a long time. She’s been pitching, hitting, and running around that baseball field for years. Sage is a natural athlete, so I’m sure my bestie can learn how to skate. No sweat!

The whole way down 16th street, we tried to figure out how inline skates work. Sage said it’s like riding a bicycle. She thinks our speed prevents us from falling…the scientific word for this is momentum. Well, that makes sense because as soon as we arrived at the White House and stopped skating, Sage almost fell down (don’t worry, I caught her!)

We always try to figure out how things work. We’re just so curious about science and nature.

Have you ever skated before? If so, how’s your balance?


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